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Storz & Bickel Venty – NEW!

The VENTY is our fastest device and the first Vaporizer of its kind to feature an adjustable airflow. Though portable, it is highly efficient and takes merely 20 seconds to heat up, while allowing an amazing airflow of 20 litres/minute at the maximum stage. If you are looking for an S&B allrounder, the VENTY is the Vaporizer for you!

• Adjustable airflow up to 20 litres/minute
• Fast heat up of only 20 seconds!
• Improved heater with hybrid heating technology
• Features newly designed convection & conduction mini-heater = no burn, just big, tasty vapor clouds.
• Precisely adjustable temperature control from 40°C to 210° on the device.
• Efficient cooling unit with an extended vapour path
• USB-C fast charging including Supercharge function: 80% charge in 40 minutes. (Requires Storz & Bickel USB-C ‘SuperCharger’)
• Bluetooth connectivity and Web App control
• Integrated Boost & Superboost Temperature for maximum convenience
• 2 high-power Lithium-Ion Batteries
• UL-certified for safety and quality assurance
• 2-year warranty + 1 year upon registration


Rapid heating with advanced technology
Discover the vaping future within a mere 20 seconds, courtesy of Venty’s groundbreaking heater. Say goodbye to those tedious wait times. Venty’s innovative hybrid system, combining both convection and conduction, guarantees swift and efficient heating of your materials. This remarkable speed is achieved through the potent 130W oven, a substantial improvement over the Mighty+’s 45W.

The ceramic-coated chamber of Venty elevates durability to new heights, crafted to endure the demands of daily use. Picture the convenience of a non-stick pan, now incorporated into your vape chamber. A straightforward wipe with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab or a swift brush ensures the chamber remains pristine, guaranteeing each session is as fresh and flavourful as the initial one.

Customized vaping experience with adaptable airflow
Empower your vaping journey with the Venty vaporizer’s adjustable airflow feature. By a straightforward turn of the dial, you gain the ability to fine-tune the airflow and personalize your vaping sessions. Whether you prefer a lighter vapour or crave billowing clouds, the decision is yours to make.
It’s not only about the force of your inhalation. The airflow adjustment also influences the heating process, providing a greater degree of precision in convection heating. As you increase the airflow velocity, you effectively boost the convection heat, giving you the flexibility to experiment and discover the ideal balance between flavour intensity and vapour thickness.

Improved cooling unit
Enjoy the vapour effortlessly through Venty’s enhanced cooling system. This improvement goes beyond a minor adjustment; it represents a complete rethinking of vapour cooling.
Firstly, the cooling unit features an added screen that enhances filtration to the maximum, eliminating any undesired particles and delivering only pure, flavourful vapour. Secondly, Venty introduces an extended vapour pathway. This ingenious design prolongs the vapor’s route before it reaches you, providing it with additional time to cool down.
The outcome is a discernible enhancement in your overall experience. Every inhalation becomes cooler, purer, and gentler on your throat, transforming your sessions into not just enjoyable but genuinely comfortable ones.

Reliable inhalations with exact heat management
A key highlight of the Venty vaporizer is its unwavering temperature stability during usage. In contrast to other vaporizers that may exhibit temperature variations in the oven while inhaling, Venty sustains a constant heat level, courtesy of its sophisticated software-enabled modulation. This technology dynamically adapts in real-time, guaranteeing consistent heat, regardless of the duration or strength of your draw.
The outcome? A dependable and consistent experience each time you use it. No unexpected deviations, only the unadulterated pleasure of your herbs at your preferred temperature, right from the beginning to the end. It’s this type of subtle enhancement that enhances your vaping sessions, rendering Venty the logical option for those who prioritize constancy and mastery.

Seamless personalization via Bluetooth and a web application
Experience a higher degree of personalization with your Venty vaporizer using its exclusive web application. By visiting, you can establish a Bluetooth connection with your device and access a variety of settings that are not directly accessible on the vaporizer.

Within the application, you have command over numerous facets of your vaping journey. Effortlessly adjust Venty’s configurations, such as reducing display brightness, silencing vibrations for more discreet notifications, fine-tuning booster temperatures, or enabling eco-charging to prolong battery life.
Furthermore, the application offers valuable device-related data, including usage hours and software versions, ensuring you stay informed about your Venty’s performance and maintenance requirements.



Size: 5.5 × 15.7 × 3.7 cm
Weight: 252 g
Heating: Hybrid (Convection+Conduction)
Heat-up time: 20 seconds
Power source: Batteries
Temperature: 40°C to 210°C
Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel
Warranty: 3 years
Country of manufacture: Germany

In the Box

  • Venty vaporizer
  • USB-C cable
  • 2 x Normal screens (small)
  • 3 x Coarse screens (small)
  • 2 x Cooling unit screens
  • 2 x Seal rings
  • Filling chamber tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

Who is the Venty vaporizer for?

The Venty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel exemplifies cutting-edge German engineering, seamlessly combining exceptional design and user-friendliness. It caters to individuals seeking a straightforward, secure and high-performing vaping solution.

Acquiring the Venty vaporizer represents an investment in superior quality, manifest in its relatively higher price tag. While it may be slightly bulkier compared to typical portable vaporizers, this trade-off results in an unparalleled vaping experience.

Therefore, if you’re in search of a robust, high-performance vaporizer and are open to a slightly higher budget, the Venty might be precisely what you’re seeking. It is the ideal choice for those who prioritize reliability and exceptional performance, even if it comes in a slightly larger package.

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Vaporizers Direct vapes guarantee

We are an official Authorised dealer of top-rated brands

Vaporizers Direct vapes guarantee

At Vaporizers Direct, you are guaranteed to find authentic and reliable vapes, as we are authorised distributors and all our vapes are supplied directly from the designated manufacturers of the brands which we then sell directly to you – that’s why we are called Vaporizers Direct.

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